Born Tom Green III on July 30th 1971

Canadian comedian/actor/rapper that broke into success with his hit MTV TV show. He has starred in movies such as Freddy Got Fingered. He is mostly recognized by his antics and odd skits that he performed on his show. One almost unknown fact is he was a Rapper in a group called ‘Organized Rhyme’ back in the early 90's in Canada. Tom Green was married to actress Drew Barrymore. He had a much publicized battle with testicular cancer in 2000-2001. He has just released his second album 'Prepare for Impact' in January 06'

Tom Green now lives in LA California and is now focusing on his website, movies, and his rap career.
Tom Green is a funny comedian and is a fantastic rap artist.
by YeahWho January 19, 2006
A fag that lives only for his nightly internet show. The only good part of his show is when Neil Hamburger shows up and shits on everybody.

"Welcome to the Tom Green show, tonights guest is Neil Hamburger!"

"lol u guyz r a buncha barrel rawlers lol"

"Drew, I want you back Drew...WHY?!"
by William Woody October 15, 2007
When you have really sweaty balls and you put your hand down your pants, gettting the juiced all over hand then smacking the closet perons in the face!
J: come her tim......SMACK..hahaha you just got a tom green!
by Jusitn May 3, 2006
When somebody who used to be very outgoing and talented becomes very dull and boring.
Mike: Hey, what happened to Josh? He used to be so much fun!
Grant: I know. Ever since Lucy broke up with him he's never been the same. She totally Tom Greened him.
by Mikehuntisbeautiful March 1, 2015
Pretty much the Funniest show to ever be on TV. Ran on different Networks from 1994-1999.
Did you see the tom green show last night? Tom is insane.
by RawrMaster9 September 15, 2009