The most gangster man in this universe. He's got the personality, muscles and the cock to make you scream with goodness
Dude that guy at the gym was so Tom Cruise, did you see his body?!?!
by Grimmreaper97 January 19, 2021
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An insane actor who rose to fame in the '80s by starring in gay military recruitment ads. A high-ranking member of Scientology who can't stay married for more than 7 minutes, his ex-wives including Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Refuses to use stuntmen, often trying to commit suicide by jumping off planes, flying helicopters, climbing on the side of skyscrapers, and planning to go to space with the help of Elon Musk.
Did you hear about what crazy stunt Tom Cruise is doing? He jumped off a cliff while riding a motorcycle at full speed!
by DVelle March 21, 2021
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when you shove as many fully charged vibrators as you can up your rectum. Using an entire gallon of industrial strength superglue to seal your asshole shut to keep them in, then afterwards going to work and running to turn them on.
why won't the intern sit still?

he's just doing a tom cruise.
by anton blavatsky February 25, 2021
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A verb referring to when one slides across a hard wood floor in socks and breaks their coccyx.
“How did Zach break his tailbone

“Oh he Tom Cruised It last week”
by jingle-bells-225 February 03, 2021
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