A game of any kind that may be played using one hand; therefore leaving one hand free to brace yourself, wipe etc
Dude! Have you tired that new game?!? It is a good TOILET GAME
by Sir Wellington the Third January 1, 2017
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Those stupid app games that you only play because you're bored on the toilet.
Guy 1: Hey man you tried that new golf phone game?
Guy 2: Yeah! That's one of my toilet games! Lol
by Karab okama August 11, 2019
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Games applications on a phone that you play while using the restroom.
I downlaoded some awesome toilet games that kill a lot of time.
by imsosupercoolisntcrazy October 25, 2013
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a funny shitpost channel that uploads funny memes
quagmire toilet gaming
by nike kicks March 29, 2022
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a lousy cash grab made by ussless capitalizing retards trying to make a quick buck
these skibidi toilet games suck.
by your pseudonym................ September 14, 2023
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Toilet game mega 60 in 1 is a bootleg sega genesis game created by Danny devito in 1991, IT has weird sonic Rom hacks. And toilet themed games, and the commercials did this
Toilet game mega 60 in 1 is insane!
Toilet game mega 60 in 1 isn't pain!
by Toilet man & knuckles November 28, 2021
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