The king of lies and deception. Has Speech 100.
Todd Howard said, "Fallout 76 will have 16 times the detail."
Todd Howard said, "Get this canvas bag with collectors edition."
by willywonkaboi January 11, 2019
Hey, What about him?
Todd Howard; nah he is a guy that just works
by Akaan May 4, 2021
In just seven days Todd Howard along with Bethesda created Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim. During the 8th day he added a texture pack that summoned Fallout 4 into this mortal world. After all this Todd's power had grown superior to his mortal human body, so he evolved and became GOD HOWARD. After this he got blinded by his own power, creating the most fearsome things on Earth that us mortals can only discuss through cursed legends. Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online are among these doomed creations.
Todd Howard is a GOD.
by SmoothSpicySauce April 5, 2019
Todd Howard, are you talking about God Howard, holy father of Fallout 76?
by Ras Barry December 12, 2018
Our savior, producer of amazing from the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.
All hail Todd Howard.
Todd Howard's past:
Kid Todd: I'm gonna make videogames and everyone is gonna play 'em!
Kid Assholes: You dork. Go back to the chess club.

Todd Howard's present:
Adult Todd: Who's laughing now?
by KALABUSH February 28, 2017
The Greek god of a gameing, and the lord of Skyrim
“ Todd Howard ate my son
by Captain fordo August 6, 2021