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A thicc Youtuber who likes to eat food, mostly fast food. This man is a god in flesh and bone, roaming the lands of Earth, searching for the tastiest food. Everytime he inhales Nutella I get blinded by unspeakable beauty. He is so good at deepthroating chorizos that he must be a true legend. He wanders the mortal lands, eating and tasting everything he finds. If you can't feed The Joey, he'll devour you instead.
Joey'sWorldTour has uploaded a new video!
by SmoothSpicySauce April 5, 2019
In just seven days Todd Howard along with Bethesda created Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim. During the 8th day he added a texture pack that summoned Fallout 4 into this mortal world. After all this Todd's power had grown superior to his mortal human body, so he evolved and became GOD HOWARD. After this he got blinded by his own power, creating the most fearsome things on Earth that us mortals can only discuss through cursed legends. Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online are among these doomed creations.
Todd Howard is a GOD.
by SmoothSpicySauce April 5, 2019