When you do a weighty poo then look back into the bowl of the toilet to find that it has magically disappeared. This is in fact a product of fluid dynamics and physics, with the momentum of the poo as it hits the surface of the lavatory providing sufficient exit velocity to skip over the u-bend and out of the bowl.
by Tobogganer April 15, 2019
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Never go scroggin'(see definition to scroggin') without a "toboggan".
by Cat Blackbone May 24, 2019
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1. A knit hat.
2. A sled. This definition sometimes used as a verb, e.g. 'tobogganning'.
1. "Put on your toboggan, it's cold out!"
2. "Yay, it snowed! Now we can go tobogganning!"
by Molly December 21, 2004
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Toboggan= a concoction of large quantities of energy drinks
create by Ethan Salt of the date 29/4/11 7:00pm NZ also co reate by Mark Wonghong can be madce with any energy drink and any amount to it
Would you like a toboggan?
Whats that?
A drink made out of energy drinks
Example, A V Double hit 500ml, Mother 500ml and a Rock energy 330ml
by Tobboggan Co. April 29, 2011
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A slang term for Natives. Generally used as a stealth insult, as very few catch.
Guy 1: Look at all those toboggans!

Guy 2: Man, it's like a toboggan pow-wow!
by Happy McNigger November 17, 2010
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A word used to secretly ask in a sexual sense: "would you?"
A word used to signify an attractive girl.
"Dude, that girl over at the salad bar, toboggan?"
"Aww man, toboggan right over there"
by Zach Benn December 2, 2005
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Tobogganism: The belief that the great god Tobogganai is on an uprise. The belief also interprets that after death, Zealots are carried to the afterlife in a Platinum Toboggan. Most followers and or Zealots wear elongated sock hats referred to as Tobögganes. The after realm is commonly referred to as Tobogga. Tobogganism was founded by Jamalla Jarvison McMafuckin'spanky (also referred to as Motha fucking McSpanky) in 1806. While ancient prophecies have condemned that all humans (even with other religious beliefs) are tobogganists. The earliest recognitions of Tobogganism do however refer to the Ancient Druids, while Saint McSpanky disagrees otherwise. Places of worship include but are not limited to: The universal Temple of Tobogganai, St. Chubbs Fellowship LLC, and many more. Currently, Tobagganism consists if a mere 2,376 followers. While most members believe in pure peace, other believe that a harmony is yet to come in a not so distant future. Are you a tobogganist?
Chubbs: are you a tobogganist? Or have you ever heard of Tobogganism?

Stranger: What the hell is a tobogganist?

Chubbs: We tobogganists worship the great god Tobogganai!

Stranger: *quickly walks away*
by B. McSpanky January 5, 2014
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