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376 is a nameless whore found on highway 90 in Texas. She is the grossest most horrible disgusting awesome two minutes of sex you will ever have. She was the middle child of two military parents. At a young age she had to get permanent retainers. She was left out on the side of the road when she was expelled for giving birth in the middle of lunch. After a few years or so she started hooking. After several decades of prostitution she has a hole in her throat from throat cancer complications from smoking and dipping for forty five years. She has a hole in her cheek where her husband/pimp likes to fuck her while shes giving a blowjob, or a throatjob using the hole in her throat. She is diseased ridden so any dick goes into her mouth experiences a burning sensation. Her permanent retainers are turned out like barbed wire in her mouth. She likes to drink straight Jack while doing any kind of sex act. She gets fisted regularly in all her holes including the hole in her throat, which has a constant layer of crusty jizz. She likes it when someone rims her throat hole, which smells like cheese. The reason behind her name was that the first erson to give her a name only had $3.76 cents in their pocket.
"Oh my God! I just had the best most disgusting blowjob of my Life! I shoved my dick--"
"In her throat hole?"
"Yes! Wait how did you know?"
"That's 376. She's great at parties."
by StefontheCityCorrespondent December 15, 2013
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A homemade beverage with a possibly life threatning dosage of caffine.

Named so because on first testing the plucky subject's heart rate was clocked at 376 BPM

Consists of a Can of Coca Cola or pepsi
(not diet, we need the sugar rush as well)Poured onto 10 spoonfulls of instant coffee in a pint sized glass (due to excessive foam)
Stirred and drunk in a oner.

Has been known to cure hangovers.

Absolutly no use as a study aid as you will have a concentration span of .2s
376 will wake you up...but when you come down...
by Da Zeg January 10, 2005
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