The act of sexual intercourse during your lunch break.
This is used in order to acheive pleasure as well as make it back to the office before your lunch break is over.
by Letitgokaboom October 2, 2009
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Australian slang for penis, typically used in the context of giving oral sex.
Hey man, I heard that Angela guy loves eating his CEO's Toast Sandwich.
by Multiple People June 20, 2015
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a toast sandwich is a suPreMe sAndWicH which has two breads around a toast. Tastes amazing.Seriously whoever invented this is a fucking GENIUS. I will highly suggest all the children of god to try it. well even filths can this sandwich does not discriminate. i tried this sandwich yesterday and it was quite a liberating experience. would def recommend y’all to try it:) and if you don’t then satan will shit on your penis face;)
🧡🤡🥪🤡❤️😍🥰😘 toast sandwich is bae
by wellokboomeryourwelcome December 8, 2019
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Wet toast sandwich is when some gathers two slices of Wet toast and puts a piece of jizz covered turkey and you rock paper scissors for who eats it
"damn johnny that's had to eat the entire Wet toast sandwich?" "you man....tangy"
by Meme investigator September 16, 2018
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A delicious sandwich!!

1. Start by throwing 2 pieces of bread into the toaster
2. Slice up a tomato
3. When toast comes out of toaster spread Miracle Whip Light on both sides of the bread (use alot)
4. put tomato on bread and sprinkle salt on top
5. eat its so fucking good
"I'm going to make a toasted tomato sandwich!!"
by Goostaff The Jew November 20, 2005
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This term describes the spreading of a female's legs the morning after an evening of vigorous and non-condom-wielding snoo snoo.

The congealed residual baby batter combined with the love lips being 'peeled apart' is comparable to the opening of a toasted cheese sandwich.
Franz: "We just passed out after an exhausting romp!"

Lucile: "Oh god opening my legs this morning was like peeling apart a freshly toasted gouda pocket, a real toasted cheese sandwich."

Franz: "Don't ever talk to me again."
by The Third Khaaal April 19, 2011
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