Someone who is white and has a very visible tan.
Bro! You're a piece of toasted bread! Need to quit hanging out in the sun
by kylizzie May 31, 2017
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1. Another term used for garlic bread

2. Bread that's being/been/going to be toasted.
"Cathy, I want some toast-bread."

"Why is it Toast-Bread?"
by Katie Marie Bell October 4, 2011
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A redefinition of french toast to emphasize the it is, in fact, an egg-based dish.
This morning I let my bread soak in a whole lot of egg, and then toasted it on a skillet, thereby creating toasted egg-bread.
by serunato September 5, 2009
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4chan speak for "posting in an epic thread".

This means the string of messages you have just added to is unusually funny, long or interesting.

Invented to confuse people new to 4chan.
"I'm toasting some epic bread"
"YRLY, there's CP and everything"
"OMG I'm there URL plox"
by BADGEROUS May 30, 2009
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When a white trash person listens to rap, acts black and very ghetto.
Me: Hey why is Josh always with daquan?

Friend: Oh man he's just a toasted bread
by SomeDudeYouKnow July 18, 2016
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doing something disturbing/emotionally painful without directly doing anything to you
This man was really toasting my bread with the video he posted yesterday
by Gay professor man November 28, 2020
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