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Toad in the hole is an English name for meat, sausage or lamb cutlets baked in batter. It is also an egg sautéed in a hole cut from a piece of bread and a traditional British dish that consists of sausages in Yorkshire pudding mix.
I might cook myself toad in the hole tonight.
by kingmustard May 04, 2005
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The phenomenom that occurs when a very small penis is inserted into a vagina and does not touch any part of it, thereby giving neither party stimulation.
I thought we were having sex but I guess I just have a toad in the hole.
by beeyebickiebuy March 28, 2006
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When you drop a big, fat steaming stool into a cavernous cunt. Thus, making the shit resemble the sausage in a toad-in-the-hole.
I made a spiffing toad-in-the-hole with your mother last Sunday. The parson enjoyed it very much.
by Captain Butt Soup December 17, 2017
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When you have a small, mushroom shaped penis that resembles the Nintendo character Toad and you insert it into a woman that you have paid to keep quiet about the encounter.
Wow, Donald Trump really gave ole Stormy Daniels a Toad in the Hole.
by GFMercy October 05, 2018
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