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A Lithuanian name given the best guy ever. Titas is very nice he's most likely to be the BFF of some random girl. Titas is very beautiful and doesn't have any sex till hes married.
Chloe: "That guy is such a Titas"
Anna: " IKR he's so nice and handsome"
by I_will_always_love_u February 05, 2017
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the spanglish combination of titties and tetas. used when crossing over languages.
Ayy mami! juan mira! estas titas are huge!
by god of all things bimbly May 12, 2004
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Then I Thought About Sex. When you are young anything makes you think about sex.
I had some butterscotch pudding, TITAS.
by Crashj August 19, 2004
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A lithuanian fuck who will never get laid and will keep eating food.
If you are describing someone very downy and retarded you would use Titas.
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by Fyushyc November 03, 2018
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