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Autistic. There are many levels of tist. An alternative to the words and phrases, "retarded", "Mentally challenged", or anything else you can think of to describe someone who exhibits the kind of behavior that is frowned upon to point out in public.
"That kid Paul...yeah he's a little bit of a tist."

"Sorry, by brother is a little tisty."
by Asaprissa November 20, 2018
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verb: to use a sexual orifice as an ashtray.
"Oh Baby! Its soooo HOT when you tist that big cigar ash in my hole!"
by spinner9 March 01, 2008
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Short for hypnotist, Internet slang used by the hypnotist.
What you need is to find the right tist to preform the right type of hypnosis on you.
by Brony philosopher April 24, 2018
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