A term coined by jazz musicians meaning: "Great" when referring to jazz music or other music, generally solos.

Similar to "Dank" "Sweet" "Big" "Fat"

See: Stankalicious, Stanktastic and Stank
"Man, that trumpet solo was stanky"
"All I could hear was that stanky bassline"
"Did you guys hear that stanky drumfill?"
by TheAngeloMoment January 15, 2012
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A person (place or thing) that literally (sort of) drips of funk and soul. Having the presence of stank.
That bass line is stanky.
by Tee Dizzle August 13, 2011
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When stinky and skanky form a relationship. A deep sweaty relationship. Smells like skank.
"So I finally got my shirt back that I lent to Emily...it smelt so stanky!"
by Tight N' Bright April 17, 2009
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Stanky means super smelly. Either that, or you just say that they're stanky.
Girl, you stanky.

Ew look at her, she's giving me a stanky look.

Oh heeeil no, she won't stop arguing with me, she's being stanky to everyone lately.
by stankytriple15 July 29, 2012
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1. Anything with a repulsive odor, bad smelling, stinking, slang for "Stinky".

2. Not good, less than adequate.
1. That sh*t stanky, close them legs!

2. That bitch is stanky, she cannot compete with mine.
by coinerr November 30, 2011
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A poorly-enunciated varient of the word "Stinky." Most often used by those with poor grammatical skills or by the wangsters. Avoid those people at all costs!
Noob1: "Damn. Yah momma's so stanky, da gawbage man-"

EducatedMan/Woman: "Shut the fuck up, retard! "Stanky" is not a word, nooblet!"

Noob1: :( -Cries in the corner-
by BeerChuggin'German April 20, 2010
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Being butt naked

As your butt stank, so when your ass is out you are down to your stanky.
Person 1: hey what you wearing?
Person 2: nothing I'm completely stanky
by Luv esketit June 20, 2020
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