A male equivalent to a tit slip. A tip slip usually occurs when one male is in boxers and the tip slips out the flap.
He then placed a strategic tip slip in her field of vision that would lead to his inevitable sexual encounters. Another great moment in Hook-Up History.
by Hugh Janus69 April 6, 2011
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When the tip of the phallus protrudes through a article of clothing worn in the leg region; When the tip of the penis sticks out of the band of male underwear when they have an erection. Popular examples coined by Daniel Avidan from the popular Youtube channel Game Grumps.
Part 4 of the Bloodborn Walkthrough on Game Grumps (Death Barf) Danny- "My friends and I created a new um, a new ah, term for when you get a boner; but like the top of it comes out of the waistband of your underwear. It's a Tip Slip. (Arin laughs hysterically afterwards)

"Hey man, John just gave a major tip slip in Gym today!"
by Pseudonym of Handles April 9, 2015
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When a males penis can be seen hanging out of shorts.
"Hey look at that dude in the shorts! I see a tip slip!"
by Kbird March 1, 2009
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when the tip of a penis slip out of the bottom or the hole on your underwear
while peter was walking around the house he had a tip slip in front of his roommate
by Big Daddy J May 6, 2014
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The equivalent of a nip slip by girl, for guys with the tip of their penis.
Ben: Bro did you get my snapchat?
Dalton: Yeah, i got your tip slip, faggot
by Bendibear July 18, 2013
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When the tip of your penis slips out the bottom of your shorts.
Alan had a tip slip because his shorts were too high and tight.
by meat lover June 1, 2014
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Similar to a "nip slip" but with a "tip". A tip is referring to the male reproduction organ. Occasionally Celebs show off the tip by accident and it needs a name. The picture will then be added to the CTS database.
If Joe gets pantsed and by accident his boxers come down too, and people see his tip, BOOM, Celebrity Tip Slip. After the Tip Slip, people will say, "Another One For The Database".
by Young Krayy January 6, 2011
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