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When a girl sucks off a guy so that his dick is nice and wet (this can also be achieved by natural fucking). The guy then takes a bunch of pixie sticks (or sugar, or cocaine, anything to symbolize pixie-dust) and pours it down right between her tits. He then titty-fucks her so that all of the sugar gets on his dick and sticks. Then, the girl sucks all of the sugar off of his dick through the form of another sloppy blow job.
My girlfriend has one hell of a sweet tooth. She let me Tinkerbell her three times last night.
by Scrye March 12, 2009
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The worst profanity of all time. Worse than the C-word. Used only when you want to make the victim and their loved-ones cry. Will possibly cause suicide. Use with caution.

May be used as a noun or verb.
"You goddamn footbag!"
"You footbagging son of a bitch!"
by Scrye February 14, 2008
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