a sugery powder inside a paper tube. for people who can't offord crack.
person 1: hey bitch you want a pixie stick?
person 2: my mom says those turn you into a whore...
person 1: PROBABLY!
by saltei February 26, 2020
makes you a whore
hey bitch you wanna pixie stick? no thanks, my mum said those turn you into a whore.
by bakugos tits July 1, 2020
When you place cocaine on a girls asshole and they fart it up your nose.
Hey honey, do you want to try something new tonight? how about I give you a pixie stick.
by DangerFox & Charlietuna November 17, 2006
start up an eiffel tower! with one real man dressed like willy wonka and a midget dressed like an umpa-lumpa. Suddenly!?! they engage to whip the HO S&M style with jumbo pixie sticks
1. I knew he was the one, when he invited a real man over to stick my pixie. 2. You're too tall to help me pixie stick this bitch. 3. Let's make some meth with sudafed, battery acid, and windex, then pixie stick Venus Williams
by MrRodgersChode August 15, 2008
a sugery powder inside a paper tube. for people who can't offord crack.
Bob: did you bring the crack?
Joe: no i didnt im flat broke... i brought the pixie sticks!
by ur momma February 29, 2004
Basically just flavored sugar. Comes in many different colors.

Often known to give grade schoolers a sugar high. Middle schoolers ocassionally sniff pixiesticks through their nose, acting as if they are cool in doing so. This usually results in a horrible headache.
Kid 1: Hehe! I sniffed pixiesticks. I'm so high!
Kid 2: Shut the hell up.
by TealDude4 March 1, 2005
doing a line of cocaine off another mans dick
man o man, Joe laid a nasty pixie stick on Bryans cock for craig to hammer down
by zcvkjyuvgasdj, February 8, 2008