n. a sophisitcated, complicated, and extremely intense combination of precision aiming and the perfection of the plethora of forward arm mechanics. Put a round, circular object of any weight, density, and size in the hand of the one throwing it (such objects have ranged from grapes (to perhaps lacrosse balls)... and target it at the male physiological region that foremost distinguishes the males from female of the species.

can be used as a verb "to tink."
Student 1: "I'm going to tink you so hard you'll hate your parents for making you."

Student 2: "Please don't, I want to be able to have children!"

Student 3: "You better cover up your crotch then."
by Steven Leung August 16, 2006
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A ghetto nickname. Someone who looks a like a black tinkerbell. Instead of using tinkerbell as their nickname beacuse that is so common use the abreviation which is Tink.
Hey that girl looks alot like Tinkerbell except she's black.
So then lets call her Tink.
by Tink{er}Bell August 11, 2009
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When someone taps something with their foot or hand and it makes a ringing noise.
Tyler tried to board slide the rail, but he only tinked it and everyone made fun of him.
by skaterboy99 July 04, 2012
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