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Usually of the female sex, although given such name wouldn't lend one to believe such. It may be due to such name that said females are totally and completely insane. They have very few friends, of which most are relatively new due to mental instability. Most, if not all, of these creatures crave unwarranted attention due to having the smallest amounts of self-confidence.

Originating from small, Alabama towns, of which there is almost no culture other than traditional enclaves of racist thought, this creature sees nothing outside the world they have chosen to create in their own mind.
Man 1: Did you see that girl over in the corner?

Man 2: yeah, heard she was a Timie type, doesn't care for others except where it benefits her. And she'll f*cking go crazy on you for no reason.

Man 1: Thanks for the heads up, I don't play with crazy
by archaeologic April 23, 2010
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