Timesuck is the name of a podcast hosted by comic Dan Cummins who does an irreverent and well-researched deep-dive on one listener-suggested subject every Monday on anything that’s interesting. Past topics include: The Golden State Killer, Spartacus, Area 51, The Knights Templar, the Jim Jones Cult, Doc Holliday, Joan of Arc, Slenderman, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Bermuda Triangle. Episode is also full of inside jokes, crazy characters, and a respectable amount of profanity.
On Monday’s I always suck hard when the Master Suckers drops a new Timesuck.
by Hrylander September 7, 2018
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a person, place or thing that wastes your time without your permission.
"don't answer your phone when he calls, he is a total timesucker."
"she im'd me at midnight and i couldn't get her off. what a timesucker."

by palexs May 4, 2007
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The void that gets created by engaging in an activity that seems like it will be short but ends up taking up huge amounts of time. Like watching video on YouTube, or browsing definitions on Urban Dictionary, or playing Halo 3 on Xbox
Tim: I am so tired, last night I was going to bed and grabbed my laptop to check email. Before I knew it I fell into a timesuck on YouTube and it was 2 am.

Jeff: yeah, that happened to me last week browsing Urban Dictionary
by SoCal or bust March 19, 2008
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A giant waste of fucking time.
Dan: Man, this is useless.

Emily: Professor Goldman's reporting one class is a big, fat timesuck!
by UrbanDictionaryWhore March 11, 2008
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