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The void that gets created by engaging in an activity that seems like it will be short but ends up taking up huge amounts of time. Like watching video on YouTube, or browsing definitions on Urban Dictionary, or playing Halo 3 on Xbox
Tim: I am so tired, last night I was going to bed and grabbed my laptop to check email. Before I knew it I fell into a timesuck on YouTube and it was 2 am.

Jeff: yeah, that happened to me last week browsing Urban Dictionary
by SoCal or bust March 19, 2008
This Shit is Fucked Up

A modern office space style take on the military versions of SNAFU, FUBAR and TARFUN. Created by some dudes in a small cubicle complaining about how bad management had screwed something up (yet again).
Rob: I hear they are doubling the quota and reducing the commission rate starting in January.

Brett: TSIFU, I better quit now before I owe them money
by SoCal or bust March 21, 2008
When someone takes your email thread from one topic completely off topic to some other subject.
Email Subject: Snowboarding this weekend
Hey, anyone want to ride Hunter this weekend?

Email Subject: Snowboarding this weekend
Hey, I got a really cool macbook air, this thing rocks and kicks the ass of any Microsoft junk you tools use

Email Subject: thread jacked MS vs Apple (was Snowboarding)
Damn I hate it when I get thread jacked.

by SoCal or bust March 19, 2008