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1: When the very flow of time colapses upon in itself due to a temporal incursion or "Time Travel" Noteworthy people who have gone backward in time would be...Well, that guy in Timecop....Shut up.
Anyhoo, don't go back in time, because you'll only crush a mosquito and destroy Berlin.

For more information on time paradoxes, Play TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. or watch a ST: Voyager episodes when it goes back in time...They have it down.
"What the hell, you're me!"
"Yeah, I knew you'd say that. Take this key, it's for that door. You won't make it through without it."
"If you couldn't make it through, who gave it to you?"
"I did"
"Just shut up, I gotta go and save us from a big snake"
Brain explosion
by Xel'Naga April 04, 2005
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A gimmick that is quite popular amongst Metal Gear fans because the "Mission Failed" logo is actually "Time Paradox". In reality though, a time paradox is a contradiction of time. For example, take Metal Gear Solid 3's background. It's set in 1964. The main character's death, according to the storyline, would mean World War III. Thus, if he is killed, reality as we know it would suffer a time paradox because he wasn't supposed to die, and his death would mean the end of the world.....of course, we're still alive today.

Aw hell who am I kidding. This whole flow of time thing really confizzles me.
"Keep in mind though, it's just a game...^_^..."

"Vietnam never happened. TIME PARADOX!"
by Dave November 19, 2004
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Science fiction likes to make a big deal out of this term and throw technobabble around to make it look clever in an attempt to make the audience confused and thus ready to buy whatever crap the writers come up with.

Basically, a time paradox occurs if you time travel and change the past so that it erases the possibility of you going to the past in the first place. Which means that events will occur as if you never traveled to the past, undoing your changes so you will travel to the past again, and so on ad infinitum.

Some writers think that it can destroy the universe. Or unleash killer flying time monkeys. Well, we haven't invented time travel so we can't test these theories.
- So, if I travel to the past to kill my grandfather, I'll create a time paradox and will never been born?
- Worse than that - if you travel to the past to kill someone and succeed, then you will have no reason to travel to the past at all! And without you in the past, events will happen as they originally did before you interfered. Time will be caught in a loop!
- Oh no!
by Sikon June 12, 2007
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An event where an entity from a different timeline appears in present time when it is not supposed to be.
Guy 1: I was playing Sonic 06...

Guy 2: Yeah...

Guy 1: A guy from the future came out of no where...

Guy 2: Go on...

Guy 1: ...and nearly killed Sonic.


by Teslarossa May 11, 2013
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Also known as the coolest and most insensitive way to break up ever conceived by man. A sex move that's notoriously hard to pull off. You'll need a window in your bedroom, on the ground floor, a cupboard for a friend to hide in, and a girl.

Start doing the girl doggy-style, facing the window, and then have your friend quietly sneak out of the cupboard and trade places with you without her noticing. Then exit the room, walk in front of the window, and wave to her. Bonus points if you're still naked when you do this.
"Dude, I finally managed to pull off a time paradox! She'll probably never speak to me again, but it was worth it!"
by enkefahn January 06, 2010
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Something you shout when somebody explains something really complicated and don't understand a word they're saying.
Bob: blah blah blah chicken blah thats how the economy works!

by kavy94 February 16, 2009
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