A person who either consciously or unconsciously tries to engage you in a fruitless investment of your energy, time, money or attention. These people can be "takers" or simply abject individuals. The truth is that engaging in these types of interactions is an act of free will on our part so each of us can only blame ourselves for getting sucked in once again.
Time Waster, Telemarketers, CNN, Entertainment Tonight Hosts, Despots, Drunks, Cops, HR Professionals, Your Very Own Mind.
by Hunter Andrew April 25, 2009
A person who contacts a company and engages in a long dialogue, full of questions and requests, with the proposed intention of buying a product or service. This dialogue can go on for days or several weeks, but the person does not purchase the product or service. A time waster is also someone who keeps saying he will pay tonight but never does.
That guy is a time waster. He's been emailing me for weeks, saying he is going to be our product but never does.
by Baldness Banished February 28, 2016
A person you have arranged to meet to go on a date with. Who has cancelled two times in a row or more, given poor excuses and therefore, has inevitably brought you to the conclusion, that they have no actual intention of meeting you.

A time waster does this due to their own low self-esteem and leads others on because of their own sense of insecurity.

They are not to be hated or even disliked. Just felt pity for, as they are very sad, sad people.

If a person cancels on you two times or more, with poor excuses. Stop contacting them immediately! For a person with these types of emotional issues, does not make an ideal date.

In fact, quite the contrary.
I’ve been messaging this person for two weeks. We’ve arranged to meet twice now and they’ve cancelled. They’re a textbook time waster.
by Shadie Jordie July 29, 2019
A girl that will not sleep with you even though you have spent a considerable amount of time and money taking her out
Guy 1: Dude how was last night?
Guy 2: Girl is a time waster
Guy 1: haha third time this month!
by Slackjawed Chinaman November 15, 2013
Guy who deceives a working girl into believing he can provide what she wants. When he is just a broke loser
He said that he was going to buy me a car but in reality he didn't even have enough for a down payment, time waster!
by fantasy9090 February 27, 2012
One who is always wasting time. They do not care about the time of others rather it be a job, a doctor, family or friends.

They book appointments, but do not show up for them or arrive late. They do not call or inform you. They just do not show up.
You would be able to maintain employment if you were not such a serial time waster.
by Rayamay March 28, 2022
A person who is very skilled,at NOT doing, their assigned job. This person usually, doesn't get noticed,or caught.
Start watching that, Professional Time Waster..P.T.W. looks busy (typing). However,THE PRODUCTIVITY IN THIS OFFICE, IS RAPIDLY DECLINING!!
by light bearer666 August 16, 2009