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Tim-ber-lak-ing Tim-buhr-lake-ing
1. Successfully transitioning from teen pop icon into unanimously admired adult celebrity, while maintaining moral status of role model.
2. Killing life so hard, that bitches wanna be with you, their men wanna be with you too.
3. Surprising your significant other, friends, family, work colleagues, and strangers with a present. Precisely a dick in a box.
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Biebering Lohaning
Zac Efron is Timberlaking pretty hard lately, he's really showing his nice side in the media.
by anondymous July 31, 2014
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Appropriating the culture of another ethnic group, usually for celebrity, fame and/or financial gain.
Usually the same person seems indifferent about social issues affecting the culture of that particular ethnic group.
Iggy Azalea did enough timberlaking to become famous and rich and then she left rap music alltogether
by satan is my bitch July 16, 2016
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