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verb: to stenga
the act of using alcohol and/or any other sort of intoxicant to increase one's chances of achieving sexual delight with a specific target.

to be stenga'd
waking up the next morning with a feeling of shame and worthlessness as well as a terrible hangover. asking your friends whether that ugly sleeze bag nailing you was a dream or actually happened. yea... it happened.
jimmy: dude, you should stop feeding sarah all that booze. seriously like i think she might actually die.
arthur: don't worry jimmy. i know exactly what i'm doing. it's the art of stenga.
jimmy: ooohh. on a stenga mission are we. well dude you better give her a few more shots if you want to pull this one off.

mary: sarah you poor thing, that asshole stenga'd you so bad
sarah: i know mary, but greater then my shame is my amazement. that was a perfectly executed stenga.
by Sleezebag Adams May 29, 2006
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In 4355, the first group of mongerian skateboarders were dubbed "stengali", or, in English, "skate mates by the riverside". They banded together in the city of Bugula, Pressia. They founded the first skateboarding sponsorship program in history, and that company became patented as "Bum-Rush". Preggo Boston and Buggish are the only two surviving members of the clan, which are now dubbed as "Stenga". All 7 others were crucified in the town of Supra, Wayne for walking past a large group of preschoolers at recess and doin "nuffin" about it (not getting them in a group, force-raping them and cementing them in a barren cave where they would be eaten alive by rats and spiders). Those seven were caught discarding the prepubescents by Lydia Rottencrotch, to which by her astonishment for the first time had witnessed such a heinous act of "neglect of rape".
"Damn, did you see that kickflip! That shit was straight up stenga!"

"Look Jim at our son in all of that DC attire. He must think he's stenga!"
by gregg reed April 22, 2008
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