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To post on message boards for the sake of posting, to post useless things to raise your post count.
"Please stop postwhoring, posting 'lolz' is not constructive to these forums."
by Lily June 08, 2004
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1. A guy who post in the forums who post meaningless stuff, which is already been posted numerous of times.

2. A guy who floods the message board just to get post count.
Nob: Help me, I have problems with my game!\
Jed: What is your problem?
Nob: My game keeps crashing.
Jed: Reinstall your game or delete some mods. But highly recommend reinstalling your game.

Nob: Okay.
Ken: Reinstall your game.
Jed: Ken is post whoring
Nob: Ken, don't be a post whoring guy.

Ken Joins the forums and introduced himself.
Ken has 5 posts.
Ken has 20 posts.
Ken has 69 posts.
Ken has 420 posts.
Ken has 1337 posts.

Ken got banned from the board!
by post whoring June 03, 2017
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