(V.) The act of ejaculating on a woman, then lighting the jizz on fire.
Reggie: "Yo man you have a good time at that party last night?"
Jarvis: "Fuck yea dude I Tiki Torched the shit outta' some girl so bad she's as crisp as a faggot's butthole!"
by Justin Xsen October 18, 2010
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Having sex with a girl outdoors, while standing up, and lighting her hair on fire to keep the mosquitos away.
"Dude, I totally tiki torched this chick last night, but she burned out really quick." "You creep."
by illuminatiagt January 6, 2008
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A stick with a rag wrapped around one end then lit on fire.
Me and June bug were sittin by the creek, the gnats were eatin us up so we lit up a West Virginia Tiki Torch.
by Levi Man December 27, 2011
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The act of putting moonshine on one's dick and setting it on fire.
Matthew: Hey Noah Cotton do you want to have a West Virginia Tiki Torch?
Noah: You know I would love that!!!
by MJFieldDaddy January 11, 2016
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When you give a woman a tiki torch and then put it out with a hockey stick.
She wanted a tiki torch but she was from Canada so I had to so the Toronto Tiki Torch
by duffyism May 25, 2017
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