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-Tigrane means "Little Tiger" in Armenian.

-Tigranes are great lovers, they will rock you off your socks but you might have to make the first move in order to get things going.

-Tigranes tend to be pretty handsome with beautiful eyes.

-They are good friends and will always make you laugh...if they are in their comfort zone they might even become the class clown.

-They tend to follow their dreams in spite of other's opinion ...and they generally succeed.

-Keep in mind that Tigranes hate injustice and that they will not be afraid to tell you things to your face.

- Tigranes are sensitive, more than you would imagine. Even if they know they are one in a million.

-Tigranes tend to be loyal and would do anything for their loved ones.

- If you are looking for someone with a big heart, turn to a Tigrane.
" I could totally fall asleep in the arms of a Tigrane"

"That Tigrane boy sure has a lot of passion for what he does"
by Itcamefromthestars February 02, 2010
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