"so you're saying I'm infected with a deadly disease due to my rampant partying and drug use?"
"no, I'd just say you have tiger blood now" "Rawr!"
by thickbeard November 16, 2015
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Blood that has been exposed to HIV or is HIV positive.
Random #1: "Remember back when Charlie Sheen completely lost his shit for a while there?"

Random #2: "Yeah, I do. When he found he had Tiger Blood he went off the deep end. Wonder how many people have Tiger Blood because of him?"
by Brad.Nail July 05, 2018
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What flows through Charlie Sheen's veins due to his

Adonis DNA causing him to be constantly winning.
Matt: Dude you just won MVP and played the best ball I've ever seen.

Chris: Yea man it was nothin I've got tiger blood bro Duh...Winning!
by c.sykes March 05, 2011
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People who are constantly winning most certainly have Tigerblood running through their veins.
Those people are rather rare and a lot of people admire or envy them for their success.
Chuckie: "Wow Charlie, I can't match up to your Tigerblood!"
Charlie: "You bet!"
Chuckie: "Yeah, I really think I need to plan better..."
by underkuerbis March 09, 2011
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Tiger Blood is blood that is over and above what the rest of the human race has in their viens.
Charlie Sheen is known to have Tiger Blood running through his veins because he can party with the best of them.

Charlie learned all he knows about drinking, drugs, and women from the Alfster.
by Petergozinya March 02, 2011
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It's when you've got the HIV . . .
Did you hear about Dennis? Turns out he went to the doctor and he's got tiger blood.
by jtothedrizzle November 18, 2015
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A common sheenism used to describe someone who has the the complete focus of becoming the best and always WINNING
Only people with tiger blood can bang 7 gram rocks and not die.
by tigerbloodscharlie March 09, 2011
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