"Big ol' titties", rearranged to not sound so offensive, although everyone most likely knows what this means. -_-
"Man girl I love your tig ol' bitties!"
"Aw!? Fuck you you fucking pervert!"
by Dave December 31, 2004
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this occurs when a member of the female gender posseses what is known as "big tits",or "large jugs".
that wendy has some tig ol bitties
by phil brierley (leicester) March 04, 2004
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large breasts.

switch the "t" and the "b" of the principle words and you'll see the root phrase.
I got some tig ol' bitties for yo' mouth!
by Contractor Peon December 01, 2003
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Something you say to a person describing Bigol Titties without the person you are describing knowing that you are talkning about them
by Direhatred September 14, 2006
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Eytmology: A progessive composite of various slang begotten from the feelings of confusion, delerium, admiration, distraction, etc. usually experienced by men or women upon sight of said breasts; a consonant regrouping derived from "big ol' titties."
"Dizzam! Lookit 'dem tigolbitties, dawg!"
by Pilaf. December 16, 2002
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