When someone seems to be content and has a normal expression, but in reality they are silently screaming for reasons like boredom, anger, fear, etc.
1. Doing internal screaming can happen when you see something extremely cringeworthy
2. The lesson was so fucking boring that i had to internally scream
by BurritoAmigoTacoTortilla January 22, 2016
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*internally screaming* usually used when you're losing your shit and you just kinda scream on the inside.
Person: hey you okay?
Me: yeah I'm fine.
Me: *internally screaming*
by rawr_i_hate_a_lot February 16, 2016
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What I enjoy doing at three am and to scare off those who will attempt to steal my thoughts and dreams ( more like nightmares for "normal people" and not "demons") Sorry if you can't handle my internal screech.

person 1: Sorry i was internal screaming all night.
person 2: You need help
by BlainaCipher April 25, 2019
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When someone says something so wrong or stupid that you want to scream, but you can't because it's rude so you scream internally.
Guy Number 1: How are you doing man?
Guy Number 2: Not good I forgot my homework and I think that means I have ADHD.
Guy Number 1: Um pretty sure you don't have...
Guy Number 2: I think I know what I mean man I know I have ADHD.
Guy Number 1: *Screams Internally
by EdgyDabs April 24, 2017
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