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This person is one of the most beautiful people you'll meet on the inside and outside but no matter how much you tell them they wont believe you. They are modest but confident and knows the latest fashions. They will tell you like it is they are very faithful. This person dosent let their history get in the way of their future. Guys get nervous around them and always have boys chasing after them. They have the best body, big boobs but even more a good heart. You can tell them anything and not have to worry about anyone find out. Its hard to get her to fall in love with guys but once she does she wont let go without a fight. In short "TIARNA'S ARE FUCKING AMAZING."
Guy 1 'Who's your girl?'
Guy 2 'Tiarna'
Guy 1 'How did you get her!! Shes got the body the face she fucking hot'
Guy 2 'And dont i know it'
by Mami Mikki August 04, 2011
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Girls with the name Tiarna are well-balanced and very trust-worthy though they are always up to mischief. Tiarna's all around the world are always looking for the next best thing; whether it be jobs or boys it is hard to keep them satisfied!
Derived from Latin origins this name means 'crowned princess' or Russian origins meaning Fairy Queen; Graceful Princess; Rainbow.
Wow look at how amazing Tiarna looks!
by Lileei April 16, 2010
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