Tidus is the retarded main character of Square's 2001 RPG Final Fantasy X. To put it simply, Tidus is the beginning of the downward spiral of Square's character Design. He looks like a bitch, he walks like a bitch, he whines like a bitch, he sounds like a bitch, the list goes on and on, but i think you get the picture. I am well aware that his name is pronounced Tee-dos, but i refuse to call him that, because that makes him sound like EVEN MORE of a bitch.
Set "Tidus is considered to be the beginning of Squares failure to create decent characters in their games."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
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1)Main character in FFX.

2)A man who hungers for wallpapers. At least one thread per day is made on /g/ involving him.
1) Tidus, contrary to popular belief, sucks at Blitzball.

2) Sure is Tidus in here.
by Tripleanon February 19, 2009
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Main character in Final Fantasy X. Very annoying and feminine. Falls in love with Yuna. Dies at the end, because, guess what? He was just a dream. The happiest I've ever felt at the end of a video game, because he finally shut up...forever, unless you go out and buy ffx-2. Still one hell of a good game. Just with mute on. (And yes, it is really prenounced Tee-dus; said by Square, and in Kingdom Hearts)
and so on. The entire one jillion hours it takes you to beat the game.
by 009 March 07, 2005
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the worst main protagonist in the final fantasy series, he does nothing but whine and complain.

He comes off has being quite an idiot but guess what he is and to make him more hated he has effeminate facial features to make you more angry.

compared to cloud and squall he's a fanboy/fangirl dream. he's weak has hell the type of person you want to hurt if you saw him in the street.

fanboy/fangirl: isn't tidus great?

normal person: if i want something to whine or complain i'll get a parrot

example 2
fanboy/fangirl: am gonna get a tidus costume

normal person: okay am gonna get a sledgehammer!!!
by angry human being May 10, 2009
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A mean, bastard who has ugly ass hair and hangs out with a fake emo child. And can’t decide who he likes. Ladies never date a Tidus cause he’ll break your heart so he could be with his friends
by Raquel hull April 17, 2018
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