people at my school (and lots of other people) are becoming.. "emo". they wear black clothes and pink eyeshadow and listen to the used. They think this makes them emo, and they think they are cool because of it.
However some people are really emo and quite a few of them are in circumstances where it is definatley not cool to be like them. Fake emos can also be mallcore.
look at that fake emo with the black skinny jeans and fake depression
by peDery FyLe January 11, 2006
Someone who is emo because it's "cool" to be different. There day usually consists of:

-Waking up and cursing the day
-Refusing to eat breakfast because they are "too fat"
-Getting dressed in there skinniest jeans and hoodie and straightening there hair
-Going to school and being made fun of because there "different". Even though they choose to be that way
-Returning home and listening to there ipod shuffle "The Black Parade" while updating there MySpace, Facebook, MyYearbook, and Live Journal
-Then realizing the have accomplished nothing they call there closest friend and cry on the phone for hours about how there ready to "pull the trigger", then end up scratching themselves with a sewing needle before, drifting off into a restless sleep.
Emo Kid 1: I hate life! Everyone hates me! I'm ready to end it!

Emo Kid 2: No! I love you! Please Don't do it! I'll die if you do!

Random Passer By: Haha Fake Emos are cute
by Miranda Lynn!? March 15, 2009
<small><center>One who tries to be "emo" as it is the new 'hype' and everyone else seems to be 'emo' when really they are just as bad as you. You fake being emo, as you see real emos and think they look cool so decide to copy them when clearly you aren't emo. Fake emo's usually think that by listening to one type of "emo" or "punk" band and knowing one song they are classified as "emo". They also wear black clothes that are clearly from some posho shop. They also pretend to be super depressed and think that slitting your wrists makes you cool even if you aren't depressed.
<small><center> Fake Emo: Eyyy look at me! i'm super depressed, and i cry whenever i hear Simple Plan on the radio as they are sooo punk and their music is super depressing and emotional. the world is against me! blah blah blah! i wear black, im so fricking emo! yeah yeah! i cut my wrist with a fork! :) super emo aye?!
Random Kid From School: Yeah if your so emo, how come your school books are covered in "pussycat dolls" pictures and "hilary duff"
Fake Emo: i , ah , i ah, FUCK you! it isnt my book!
in denial
by [ Invisibly Toxic </3 ] __ x August 26, 2006
A stupid arse hole who says they'll kill themselves if you don't like their snap chat. They are always off school for stupid reasons like I stubbed my toe. Also fake having a bad home life like saying "my mum shouted at me" also if they get called a fake depressing bitch they will cry their eyes out
Why is that fake emo crying this time
by Morgan_freeman_is_god32 September 6, 2021
individuals who say their bisexual, pretend to like anime, and say they love astronomy when they don’t even know shit about it
fake emo: ugh I love astronomy, did u know Jupiter is the biggest planet?

me: people like you are such fake emos, get a job.
by TheWeirdBoi July 21, 2018
The one person in school who tries to be emo even though their life is fine. They do it to follow into the crowd and for attention.
Person 1: Yeah I have ADHD, depression, I'm bipolar, I have an extreme anxiety disorder, I have tourettes, narcolepsy, PTSD...
Person 2: Are you diagnosed for any of that?
Person 1: Yeah I looked up the symptoms on google

Person 3: Why did you draw fake cuts on your wrists
Person 1: These aren't fake
Person 3: *wipes off the eyeliner from wrists* You're a fake emo
by BroDoinItForClout September 3, 2021
a person who pretends to be emo and says that they are delicate to fit in and pretend to cut themselves and label themselves as emo
I love being depressed and me and all my friends are depressed.Look at the fake emo kids
by Alexander Olivas October 16, 2007