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A beautiful girl, who is highly intelligent and is confident around a big group of people. She possesses the skills that nobody else has and everyone tries to compete with her but she is on a higher level. Everyone wants to be her friend but she is only close to 2-3 people, who she calls her bestfriends. She has a great sense of humour and everyone finds her funny.
Alice: "Woah, she looks like an angel"
Mia: "Angel? She looks like a Tiah"
Libby: "Yeah, definitely a Tiah"
by HappyAndYouKnowIt January 29, 2015
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"Goddess; Godly. Also Abbreviation of Names Like Althea and Dorothea. The Mythological Thea Was Greek Goddess of Light and Mother of the Sun; Moon and Dawn"
"She possesses abilities of a Tiah."
by morethanwords01 March 22, 2010
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tiah is an amazing girl with a really nice rack, she is so nice and caring and has a banging body. she will please your biggest fantasies!!!! shes so smart and kind.
" her rack is amazinggggg"
" shes such a tiah"
by Gdog666 June 05, 2017
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She is a fun, bubbly girl that everyone likes and wants to be around, her warm heart can heal a thousand, that's why she's the best to talk to when your feeling down.
Ashleigh: "are you ok...?"
Kate:"no, there's just stuff going on right now"
Ashleigh: "go talk to tiah she will cheer you up!"
by Insert handle. February 22, 2017
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A dirty ass slag who think she's nice and makes up roomers. Yes she is pretty but pattern because she will get jumped off of that running mouth
"Oh look there's tiah"
"For fuck sake"
by Pum pum September 23, 2017
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