She is the hottest girl around and will always be there for you. She is amazing, gorgeous, funny, sweet, everything a guy could want in a girl. No other girl could ever compete with her, and she will always be someone's number one. She always makes your head turn as she passes you buy in the hall. She is like a magnet for y...our eyes. she is like a rainbow on a cloudy day, or a sun rise after a dark night. When she walks in a dark room she lights up the entire room just with her smile. when you see her you can not help but wish you had her in your arms. She has the most beautiful eyes you wish you could just sit and stare into them for hours on end. She has a beautiful body and anyone who doesn't have her is jealous of the guy that does. The guy that has her knows he is not good enough for her, for nobody is good enough for her she is an angel that fell from heaven and no normal guy, like anyone on this planet, can ever hope to have her.
Did you see that Thyra?
Yeah, i saw her.
by youneedadoctorbaby? June 1, 2011
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Thyra is the sexiest girl to ever exist. She’s the best, kindest, prettiest, coolest, smartest girl you’ll ever meet. She has an IQ of 9999999999999999999, she has a very big brain. She has big bob and nice vagana. She has good friend, Mana, who is also very sexy and smart and has a big brain too. If you ever meet Thyra you have to give her all your money and attention. Thyra is a queen, and everybody worships her like a god. She would frick a creeper and she has a lot of diamonds.

She is definetly the best girl ever! Love her or hate her, she’s spitting straight facts.
Mana: «Do you want more of Thyra?»
Moha: «Yes
by søstrenegreneboy12 October 5, 2019
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Thyra is a wonderful person that everyone likes. She is kind, funny and likes to talk alot. She is into a lot of fashion and her typical style is spicy emo. At parties she is lightweight, going crazy and just enjoy life! She doesn't like being stuck with one guy, she likes to make out with a lot of boys at the same night.
by ewma November 10, 2021
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Thyra`s are very rare, if you found one you better pursue her cuz your`ll miss out something big, and you will regret walking her off. Shes very nice, sweet, cute, freaky, dirty, kinky you name it. shes very lovely, she can be shy at first but after you`ve get to spend some time, you will not stop thinking about her, she`ll make you forget all ur exes and misery, you tell all your problems to her and she will help you with it and talk about. My future gf is Thyra and i will not regret it (:
by I2AMI March 6, 2021
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A woman who likes to make men orgasm by nipple sucking
i just got a thyra

she just thyra'ed me

i like to be thyra'ed
by Nipple horn dog September 20, 2009
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a break in the earths atmosphere caused by gas through the organs of a woman specificly over 50. it is so powerful it literally "breaks wind" this catastrophe is known as thyra OR the farting grandma
did you thyra?
by ne0man2 August 8, 2009
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