Philadelphia slang meaning-

1. A real one, truthful, solid, and upstanding.

real one boul cool people
Meek is really thurl, he put his city on the map and he’s really humble.

Monae is a thurl jawn, she helps me when I’m down and she’s cool people.
by Emonae December 20, 2018
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Philly word
Meaning: a real one; trusting; fair
I love how you stood up for me bro, you’re really thurl
by OmgimfromPhilly January 18, 2019
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if you not from philly do not be using this word, cause you ain't thurl!

thurl is when somebody call you a real one, an og, basically you chill. you don't be throwing this term around cause not everybody thurl, you would be using this word for the ones you be respecting.

Person 1: Yo you hear jamal been around in kensington jumping zombies
Person 2: Dawg he must think he thurl or sum..


Person 1: You see my lil brother down there, he helped a bunch of kids down the block.

Person 2: Ohhh he valid

Person 1: Yeah he thurl
by yungboul838 May 17, 2021
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It means tight. da new word for tight
U heard that new lil wyte? That shits hella thurl
by Uncle Peanut December 2, 2003
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Dank, Steeze, or Buttery
Term used by skaters of SkateMindTV on youtube.
Slang for "Thorough"

Means tight or nice after a trick landed on a skateboard.
First Skater - "Yo he just ollied that 14 stair!"
Second Skater - "Yeah! That's thurl!!"
by Skate Mind February 17, 2011
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Town located in central County Tipperary. Population of 8000. No tourist atractions or anything of remote interest save Semple Stadium. A Mecca for Knackers (who we call La La's when their around). A good place to get a beating on a Friday/Saturday night. A town of great, friendly people (except for the Knackers/Plastic Knackers who cause 99% of fights along with participating in 99% of thieving).
You know it's Summer when the flies and knackers (with shirts of and pigeon type walking)are around in abundance.
by Woody July 24, 2004
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Thats tight.
the word originated in the city of st.louis, missouri.
Thurl is really the word "thorough"
In ST.LOUIS,MO. the midwestern/southern influence city puts a heavy accent on "R's" inwhich makes the word "thorough" to " thurl
by midwesternerr April 7, 2004
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