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A Thumbie is a specific type of Indian person from Durban, South Africa only.
A Thumbie:
-lives in Chatsworth, Phoenix or Merebank of Durban, South Africa (rarely in other areas)
-talks in a bad Indian accent
-uses a lot of local slang when talking (often mispronounced)
-uses an excessive amount of hair gel
-uses Vans, Echo or Life clothing/shoes and in some cases a gold chain (Note: when wearing a golfer a Thumbie will wear the chain outside of the shirt and around the collar)
-has a dark skin tone
-has a gold tooth/teeth
-drives a VW Golf 1 or a Toyota Corolla both with a modified sound system
-picks a fight with people over small issues (gangster mentality)
-listens to deep house music, old R&B, 2pac or any gangster music.
-is ratchet or close to being ratchet
-mainly talks about drinking, fighting, cars, soccer (Manchester United & Liverpool only) and insult people by picking on the person's mother
There are few other traits that make an Indian a Thumbie that are not mentioned, but usually it is something that is ratchet
A Thumbie has all or most of these traits. An Indian with 1 or 2 of these traits MAY NOT be regarded as a Thumbie. Thumbie behaviour is obviously cool to Thumbies when it is actually not. As a result, it is hard to take Thumbies seriously. They are basically a joke
*important* There are normal Indians in South Africa, it is only a certain percentage of Indians that are the Thumbies
Normal Indian guy 1: Check out that guy blasting 2pac in his VW Golf 1.
Normal Indian guy 2: Yes, he is definitely a Thumbie.
by StormDog December 2, 2014
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