A term of endearment from a thug to his girl who is a fwine ass female of high status due to her being with a Thug of high status or authority. The thugness title should not be given to anyone except the person who shows that they can be fwine and hold their own at the same time.

No one else may use this title unless they be his lady. Using this term to a woman who is not yours goes to show how much of a thug your not.
You are my fwine ass thugness. There is no one else but you babe.
by thirteen82 June 24, 2009
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Thug-in: to go and do some thug like or just thug things!!!
Let’s go thug-in💯🤣
by k187c July 23, 2019
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When someone exhibits brute force tactics to everything that they encounter, regardless if it is reasonable or not.
1) Cuatro, stop thugging on the tortilla press! If you push it down too hard, it'll break!
2) Bro, stop thugging the shelf, it's about to fall.
by Subsidians January 22, 2019
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To get put down or be made a fool out of. Used in the same context as played and treated
"After I let him smash he didn't call me."
"Bitch, he thugged you."
by MelancholyLegend April 17, 2008
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A thug is typically referred to a male or female who commits crimes for personal gain through stealing, selling drugs, but especially violent crimes such as robbery and assault.
A wild pack of thugs looted the QuickTrip.
by Intro to meaning March 19, 2016
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When a person does not give the appearance of being thug, but maintains the personality and demeanor of one.
My man Stan wears khaki shorts and button downs, but believe me, he's gangsta -- he's the most thugged in shorty I got.
by Stallone's Face August 20, 2010
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The gang of thugs looted and destroyed the only drugstore in our neighborhood.
by 36Crayons June 28, 2015
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