word or phrase you use when a boy doesn't take a bath for days at a time.
man Darnell stay "thuggin",he been wearing that same outfit for two days now.
by wassaw3 November 27, 2009
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A black or white guy who are truly Gangsta. One who is a balla and has their bling bling on. They lookin all that.
Man, you thuggin tonight!
by DeMicheal November 15, 2006
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The act of rolling AND staunching a cunt.
Bob: where’d you get that hat?

Pablo: was thuggin’ some thirteen year olds innit
by Jimmy Nips December 27, 2018
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See E-Thug.

Someone who threatens and harasses you on the internet as well as thru texts but will not confront you in person.

The act of being an "E-thug".

Primarily directed towards people living in small hick towns, with big fantasies of MTV living, selling drugs, and being a brainless tard.
"I went to that bitch's house to fight but they wouldn't open the door. I went home and checked my email, and they were still E thuggin'!"

"I am sick of these bitches E thuggin and talkin shit! If I met 'em in person, they wouldn't be so tough!"
by jessipage3430 March 01, 2010
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Fresh without a doubt. Unquestionable ballin. Just plain awesome.
Dude your whole outfit matches. You are so straight thuggin right now.
by Straight ballin May 17, 2009
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