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A physical reaction that occurs with a males reproductive organ when sexually aroused. Blood fills the shaft and the Penis becomes erect and firm. The cowpers gland kicks into gear producing the clear fluid that trickles from the end of the tip. Making a wet spot in the shorts or dribbling off or down the erect crank. What happens beyond that is determined by the situation at hand. No pun intended. He has achieved a Thoroughly Hard Upright Dick. Thud.
While I was sniffing Theresa's Balloon Knot, I got one hell of a Thud and ending up pulling the old Bung Licker act on her. Her Gumhole softened right up and she let me Cornhole her like mad. She said I was the best Anal Intruder she has ever experienced.
by The King Cornholer April 16, 2008
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Acronym for That Huge Ugly Dick.
When Ashley saw his THUD for the first time she cried in fear and disgust, then proceeded to instinctively suck it dry.
by Matthew Tremor IV April 18, 2018
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Nickname given to the Republic F-105 Thunderchief. The Thunderchief was primarily used as a Ground attack aircraft during the Vietnam War.
The Thuds rolled in and gave Charlie a wake-up call he'd never forget!
by JonathanChance September 29, 2003
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The sound of a smitten claymate hitting the ground after hearing/seeing/thinking about something incredibly sexy/hot/adorable done by Clay Aiken.
Awwww...! That adorable TUSHY!! That TUG!! THOSE EYES!!!! (sigh)... **THUD**!!!
by Shameless Plug January 04, 2004
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(Noun) One unit of hash (or hashish) of sufficient size and potency that will alter the users state of consciousness to 'high as a fucking kite'.
Jack: Dude..
Bob: What..
Jack: That was a good thud of hash we just smoked.
Bob: What hash?
by therealanonymoose October 05, 2011
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the sound/action Grobanites make when they see a hot picture of Josh Groban

by Rachel March 28, 2005
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Pronunciation: Ta HUD

Origin: Sak n Fox (or sauk and Fox) Indian

Meaning: "Togetherness" or "All is one". Similar pronunciation and definition can be found in the Egyptian language.

Not related to Troy Hudson nor the HUD project.

A unique name for one who is original, creative, giving of one's self, and mercurial.
"Dude, she wasn't a Betty. She was a T'Hud."
by Pixieluscious February 04, 2010
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