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nasty white girl who ONLY likes traitorous black men
by tboy April 02, 2003

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Another word for red neck or hick. Derived from the popular TV series The Simpsons, a cleetus or cleet is a country bumpkin who is below average intelligence. Can be recognised wearing armless t-shirts and possibly sporting a mullet.
Put your top back on you look like a right cleet.

Look at that cleetus' van, like something straight out of Dukes of Hazzard.
by tboy September 09, 2004

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Shortened version of the word muppet. Generally sounds better in a southern English accent.
Why don't you shaddap you mupp!
by tboy April 19, 2005

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It is a shooting technique in soccer/football when players hit the ball with a their toes, their foot at a 90 degree and to their lower leg. It is a technique that will get a lot of power on the ball but with lesser control. Adopted by many Brazilian full backs. Also known as a toe ender
The keeper had no chance with that toe bung!
by tboy December 02, 2005

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Professional person who searches for incompetency in a product or service.
You'd better sort out that dodgy tap, the wonkographer will be round soon to check it.
by tboy April 12, 2005

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A person who is in a position of authority, the bringer of woe and disarray yet of a simple nature; hereby making them a doom muppet.
______ told me to do ______ but, ______ is already doing it. Man ______ is a right doom muppet!
by tboy September 01, 2004

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General friendly alternative for idiot, used towards mates.
Alreet you old thrutchpot!
by Tboy June 03, 2005

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