Shit that happens when you take a bong rip that you knew was too much and end up burning your throat.
I just got throatpied and now I sound like batman.
by a55nt1ddi3sf0lyf June 15, 2021
Similar to a creampie except you ejaculate inside of someone's mouth so far that the sperm goes into their throat rather than their mouth.
Sarah: Wait, he throatpied you?

Jane: Yeah, when he came he thrusted deep in my mouth so it went into my throat instead.
by Doc2211 July 2, 2016
When getting head as a man begins to climax he shoves the girls head down balls deep letting his cock inter the throat then ejaculating in her throat.
As she was giving me that sloppy top she put my hands to the back of her head busting nuts in her throat. Throatpie.
by Throat wrecker March 24, 2019
(noun)- The act of receiving a throatpie (an oral creampie often followed by the receiver swallowing) while smoking opium in a traditional setting, such as a Qing Dynasty era Opium Den.

Popularised by Yung Fuego’s hit track “Opium Den” off his hit album “Little Pimp 2.”
And if they put me to the chair just let me die
My last words will be “Opium Throatpie.”
by Euney March 4, 2022