4 definitions by Doc2211

Similar to a creampie except you ejaculate inside of someone's mouth so far that the sperm goes into their throat rather than their mouth.
Sarah: Wait, he throatpied you?

Jane: Yeah, when he came he thrusted deep in my mouth so it went into my throat instead.
by Doc2211 July 2, 2016
Noun. A form of oral sex that usually involves manual stimulation. A combination of a blowjob and a handjob.
Jim: Hey Scott did you do it with Stacey yesterday?

Scott: No she was on her period so she gave me a blowjerk instead.
by Doc2211 June 26, 2016
1. To place someone's head on a cement curb and stomp on their head to break their teeth (hence the name)
2. When a matchup between two people (real or fictional) is extremely one sided
1. Scott: Dude where's Josh?
Jack: He got curbstomped so he's in the hospital.

2. Jack: Dude, who would win in a fight between Blanka and Pikachu?

Scott: Pikachu's a freaking rodent, and Blanka ate electric eels so that would be a curb stomp in Blanka's favor.
by Doc2211 August 19, 2016
Running with your arms stretched behind your back, similar to naruto or sonic.
(kid runs past you) Was he doing the weeaboo dash?
by Doc2211 June 4, 2016