An opium den is an establishment where opium is sold and smoked. Patrons recline in order to hold the long opium pipes over oil lamps that heat the drug until it vaporizes and the smoker will inhale the intoxicating vapors.
I spent most of my time in Viet Nam in an Opium Den getting high smoking lots of Opium.
by Mojo Maniac July 11, 2008
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A well-known sophomore "party suite" in Yale University's Jonathan Edwards College. It was started in August, 2005 by a group of three pioneering students from the Class of 2008. The suite is best known for its "DENbauchery" parties, which occur weekly on Thursday nights. The distinguishing characteristics of The Opium Den include its antique tapestries and wall-decor, some of which are on loan from the extensive textile collection of noted Asian art collector Merrill Sherwin. Also called the "Den" for short, its members often collaborate on both philanthropic and cultural activities. The tradition of The Opium Den shall carry on until Jonathan Edwards College is renovated during the 2007-2008 academic year.
A: "What are you doing on Thursday night?"
B: "I'm goin to 'The Opium Den' of course. What do you think I'm doing?"
A: "Great!"
by Mr. O. Den January 14, 2006
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