While receiving a blowjob, the alpha male peaks to orgasm - while the male is in the midst of ejaculation, or cumming, the female continues the act of oral sex without removing her lips and/or mouth from the alpha males penis - thus, causing the male to cum inside the females mouth, and possibly down her throat while she is still sucking the males penis.
Man i told her i was about to cum, but she just kept going and going. It felt soo damn good i couldnt tell her to stop. I came all up in her mouth and damn near down her throat. She took it all and swallowed every last drop. I guess she wanted that oral creampie, so i gave it to her gladly!
by Sir BreeZy February 16, 2009
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During a blowjob, the guy shoots his cum into/in the general direction of the woman's mouth. The cum is then played with, for example, drooled onto the rest of the face, or allowed to drip back onto the guys cock. This is distinct from when the guy simply cums in the womans mouth in that it is more... messy.
Josh wanted to give his girlfriend an oral creampie because he loved to watch her play with his cum in her mouth.
by FanofSL October 29, 2010
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