Noun- Made popular by Macklemore (Thrift Shop)
A store selling secondhand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution.
E.g. Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping?


I'm so pumped about some shit from the thrift shop
by MJS1988 September 13, 2013
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When a malnourished male teenager tries to have sexual intercourse with a virgin and the male proceeds to insert his penis into the female's vagina, takes the female's virginity and then cries afterwards because it hurt
Guy 1) Hey! Just had sex last night. The girl had her first time with me

Guy 2) The girl told me that you did The Thrift Shop to her. Lol

Guy 1) Fuck that hoe
by The Thrift Shoo March 2, 2017
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Going to Bars on busy nights such as Valentine’s Day to “shop” for someone else’s unwantedSecond Hand crap”.
Jacob was feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day, so he went downtown around midnight to do some “Thrift Shopping”.
by KRiver February 15, 2020
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An insatiable need to go into every thrift store you see and buy something uniquely hideous no matter how badly you wish you could just keep going.
My thrift shop masochism has intensified beyond a manageable stage since I saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video masterpiece.
by Dr Bunnygirl January 12, 2019
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When some kid raps the song thrift shop and everyone joins in, it's a THRIFT SHOP YOLO moment
me, to friend: stop listening to your ipod, listen to this thrift shop yolo!
by SwAg Money March 6, 2013
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A person who is basically a neck beard, only wears clothes from thrift stores and never washes them nor themselves
That kid ian that tries to be hipster and smells disgusting, yeah he's so thrift shop white
by Sherpaherder_69 February 18, 2015
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When a person tells a cashier at a store that the item they are purchasing is cheaper at another store when really it is not. Usually the purchaser makes up a fake cheaper price as to save money and not spend too much. Usually done at Wal-Mart.
That woman over there is shop thrifting, what a cheap bitch.
by J-Grizzle February 3, 2007
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