a very attractive guy who is very strong and has Fantastic muscles, He is often super kind and thoughtful, he is a beast at anything he does, and a killer with the ladies, he is good with words, and an all around beastly guy. If you ever meet a thomas your ganna want to get to know him.
Girl 1: OMG
Girl 2: WHAT!?!?!?!
Girl 1: I just met the nicest guy he is soooo hot and he is being soo nice to me....
Girl 2: Who that kid? hes my boyfriend, and he is so great!
Girl 1: OH man he sounds like such a THOMAS.
by COOLDUDE10111 January 10, 2011
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One is the most smartest people on the earth who will care for you forever. Thomas can be an old fanny sometimes, but if your on his good side you will see how truly amazing he is.

He is good with people, especially the ladies. Thomas is protected by many.
Id do anything to be friends with Thomas, his friends are always saying how loyal he is!
by Dorabrad October 28, 2011
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A person who is the best boy ever. He might be oblivious to your crush or he might know but he doesn't make things awquard. He is incredibly kind and musically gifted he will teach u many things if u are lucky enough to get close to him
John is so good at the drums he is such a Thomas
by Superluckygal March 22, 2013
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A very kind person,always willing to talk, and be there when your down.
Thomas - Someone whos very supportive.
by Yoyoyotokimoto January 26, 2009
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a person who is very gifted intellectually but does not apply himself, and yet still accomplishes many lofty feats
Jack is such a thomas, did you see his score on the math test, it was so good and he wasn't even here for any of the lessons
by Lucas Greville December 22, 2007
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In the hallway, we saw Daniel do a thomas to his phone. It went flying down the hallway!
by Chey Wolfe March 06, 2010
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A man who stands tall, and is unafraid. Posses a rare super power known as Common Sense. Uses logic to help rid the world of stupid. Has an above average penis (both in length and width).
My name is Thomas, and I can help you from yourself!

He is such a Thomas!
by MechTech September 01, 2010
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