A term for when something just isn't right.
"This ain't it chief."
by bitter skank May 21, 2019
A way of saying this isn't something I/we should do or it isn't cool
Person 1: Yo listen to my mixtape.
Person 2: I love you bro but this ain't it chief
by NY_Slang December 30, 2020
Term used by obese Youtuber, Dj Akademiks. This describes music as bad or unpleasant.
You heard that new 6ix9ine song, and is it good? Me: This ain't it chief.
by Despacito 69 and a half September 17, 2018
When something isn't right, unanticipated.
Amanda: 'Women's Rights!'
Jim: 'This ain't it, chief'
by jon.got.clout November 4, 2018