The cool guy that kills the dance floor. Makes guys jealous because his dance skills attracts massive amounts of girls.
Look at that guy's crazy moves!
Oh fuck, it's a Thijmen. Let's go, no girls to get here...
by MJUU October 3, 2011
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Thijmen is the best boy you can get. He is smart sexy and is always happy. Everybody needs a thijmen in his life
Wow look at him he is so sexy, i bet his name is thijmen
by Wajoo May 21, 2018
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A very attractive guy, who attracts a lot of girls and has crazy dancemoves.
I am thinking about asking that girl out. O no a Thijmen already did.
by WhoIsJoe October 10, 2019
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Pure Ellende, Great Disaster, LOLBAP, lol_bap, nee_jarrie, je moeder, jarrie
my wife and two kids died in a car crash today

aww that's so thijmen lol_bap
by sup555 September 28, 2011
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Thijmen is a very creepy God, who is a serial murderer. He killed thousands of innocent ppl. Just bec they had the same name. He also likes water, with a little lemon taste. He’s an anachronism, bec he’s granddad had to travel trough time, and made a big mistake. He invokes evil sperits, to help hem get blowjobs. Overall he’s just a aswome guy who likes to kill innocent ppl, but he. We don’t care don’t we. He a time traveler.
“In 1943 Adolf hilter was killed by Thijmen”
“Thijmen is an anachronism
by Bibaboerinneuker September 3, 2018
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Thijmen is a boy with a humongous horse cock. he gets all te girls in the school.
Hey there is Thijmen Look out for is huge horse cock

look out dont trip over thijmens gigiant cock
by November 23, 2021
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When you slap your girls ass cheecks with your meat popsicle and accidentally cum but somehow you manage to shoot your load into your hand so that your partner doesn't notice.
Damn dude, I totally pulled a dirty Thijmen on my lady yesterday. Glad she didn't notice.
by Lord Bucket September 15, 2021
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