A phrase used to describe a female - who although is heavier than most - makes up for it with good looks, exquisite curves, and a phenomenal tits - to - ass ratio.
"Damnnnn man, did you see Julia wearing those booty shorts today?"
"Hell yeah! How could I miss a thick bitch like her?"
by Yoloswag4jesus69 April 10, 2015
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A Weekly holiday that takes place every Thursday in which we celebrate the thick bitches among us.
This is not an excuse to sexually harass people! This is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate a thick bitch you know.
OJ: Hey Alexa! Happy Thick Bitch Thursday!
Alexa: Thank you very much it gives me great joy when you tell me that i am a thick bitch. It really lightens my insecurities.
OJ: My pleasure!! (Wanna fuck?)
by OJAR December 4, 2019
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A compliment.
Term used to refer to white women who are curvaceous and attractive.
Ms. G is the most thick white bitch I've ever seen.
by Bossman Papi September 7, 2014
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